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Please use this poster by cut and paste, or email the office
Aromatherapy Leaflet

We have created a leaflet that you can download, print off and add your own details on the rear.

It explains the benefits of aromatherapy, what to expect in a treatment and confirms that you are highly trained and follow a strict code of conduct in order to give you credibility as a CHP member.

Download PDF copy here

If you would like the actual Microsoft Publisher version, you can obtain this by emailing the office and then you can type in your own details on the back.

You are welcome to use any of the information within this leaflet to create your own leaflets or on your website. Please do link back to us if you have a website.

See below for help with giving a presentation:

Audience and Lecturer

Have you ever thought about giving a presentation to a group but not sure how to plan it?

Download this guide on how to prepare a one hour presentation on aromatherapy.

You do not have to use a PowerPoint presentation but you do need to plan it all out and have some note cards as prompts.

Below is a sample PowerPoint presentation in case you would like help getting started. Just click on the image to download.