Fully recognised Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma (blended learning)

What you will get:

This will give you a full practitioners' diploma in clinical and therapeutic aromatherapy and is recognised by the CNHC (UK voluntary regulatory body). It complies with both the National Occupational Standards and the Aromatherapy Council's Core Curriculum. Therefore, once qualified you will be able to practise, gain insurance and register with the CNHC as well as becoming a full member of Complementary Health Professionals and all the benefits that brings you as a therapist.


What is better about blended learning and attending face to face training?

There are many courses available that are cheap and do not involve a great deal of effort or to attend any face to face training in a workshop - or perhaps just one day's training. You are given a video to learn a massage routine from. It is true that you can get insurance to practice from these courses but you are in no way considered a professional aromatherapist in the eyes of the profession and would not be able to register with the regulatory body or join a  recognised professional association like ourselves. However, the main point is that you cannot develop clinical skills from watching a video. You also should not just repeat the same routine on every client. You need to develop the skills that will allow you to become a thinking therapist who can treat each person individually and adapt their treatment for their needs. You would not even think about going to a hairdresser who has learnt their trade by video let alone a therapist. So our course will give you the skills to become a trusted recognised therapist who will succeed in business.


Our tutors

Our Aromatherapy tutor is at the very top of their profession with over 25 years experience of professional practice and teaching as well as being involved in writing the standards mentioned above. Carole Preen will be your mentor and Personal Tutor through her school "Natural Therapeutics". She will mark and give full and detailed feedback on all of your coursework, as well as support you through your practical development of your skills at the workshops. Carole has written this course in order to share her clinical and therapeutic knowledge and experiences with you and is committed to your professional development and success.


Workshops and information on modules:

The workshops are held in Desborough in the East Midlands, of which you will need to undertake 5 in order to comply with the Aromatherapy Council's (AC) Core Curriculum. You can complete this course within 10 months but you have up to two years from starting to complete so that you can work at your own pace. The practical workshops will be organised with you directly with Carole and these will be in small groups or 1-1 depending on your availability. Carole is very flexible and will help fit in a practical timetable to help you and she will give you a video with her routine on it to follow to help you in between visits.


You will also have to book onto and pay for the examinations. You will normally book a separate A&P exam before you have completed your therapy studies but again, this is negotiable.  Once you have completed all of the modules and practical weekends, including all of the coursework and case studies, you are then ready to take your therapy theory and practical exams, which are held on one day.  If you already have a recognised A&P diploma, you do not have to repeat it by doing ours. You will need to bring your completed portfolio to the practical exam to be signed off, which includes your case studies.


You will pay for each module as you go and can only request the next module once the previous one has been marked. The turn around for marking is very fast and is all done electronically. There are three anatomy, physiology and pathology modules, four aromatherapy modules. As a special offer, the professional practice module and business module is currently being offered free of charge.


Order of study:


First Diploma Studied                Already holds an A&P qualification      Already completed A, P & P                                                                                                                                              and Professional Practice and                                                                                                                                        Business Practice Modules          

1. Anatomy Module 1                 1. Aromatherapy Module 1                       1. Aromatherapy Module 1

2. Aromatherapy Module 1       2. Aromatherapy Treatments Module     2. Aromatherapy Treatments Module

3. Anatomy Module 2                 3. Aromatherapy Module 2                       3. Aromatherapy Module 2

4. Aroma Treatments Module   4. Professional Practice Module               4. Aromatherapy Module 3

5. Anatomy Module 3                 5. Aromatherapy Module 3                       

6. Aromatherapy Module 2        6. Business Practice Module

7. Professional Practice 

8. Aromatherapy Module 3

9. Business Practice Module


Click here for a list of module content for Aromatherapy (for the other modules, such as Anatomy, please select these from the full course list).


The cost per module is £100. Workshops are £100 per day and you need to complete 10 days  and all resources are included (towels, essential oils, base oils, couches and couch covers).  We also provide your refreshments whilst you are studying.  If you wish to stay overnight, that is also possible for a small additional charge. There are also additional charges for exams: the practical exam is £50 (to cover the costs of the external examiner fee) and the theory and A&P exams are £50 each, payable when you register for the exams (when you feel ready).


Remember, you don't pay for everything up front but you pay as you go, one module at a time. 

This course is offered by Carole Preen through her school Natural Therapeutics. Please click the link to take you through to enrolment. If you wish you can book a treatment or consultation with Carole in advance.


The photograph aside was taken to celebrate the launch of the National Occupational Standards for Aromatherapy, which was the first therapy to have its NOS published by Skills for Health.


On the far left, you can see Carole Preen, director of CHP.


If you are interested in reading an article on the history of the aromatherapy National Occupational Standards, written by Carole Preen, please go to the Aromatherapy Council's Website at www.aromatherapycouncil.org.



The image aside was taken in 2002 in St James's Palace as part of the Prince Of Wales's Foundation for Integrated Health. Carole Preen (centre) and Joyce West (right), who was the former Chair of the AAPA, were representing the UK Aromatherapy Profession and are pictured discussing the future of Aromatherapy in the NHS with HRH.


So, if you are wondering why you should do our Aromatherapy Diploma, we would say because your tutor is so knowledgeable about every aspect of the course as she has been involved in the writing of all the UK national standards, and about the profession as a whole. Carole has written extensively on essential oils and aromatherapy in journals, magazines and national newspapers and has been teaching aromatherapy since 1996.


If you would like to book a treatment with Carole at her clinic in the East Midlands, please visit her website www.naturaltherapeutics.co.uk.