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Professional Practice in Complementary Therapies - CPD course worth 3 CPD points


This is completed by distance learning suppoted by all the resources you will need in our virtual learning environment. You will receive a personal login once you have enrolled. This useful course covers the following areas:

  • The importance of reflective practice and how to be a reflective practitioner

  • The different types of associations and organisations within CAM

  • Other forms of more common complementary therapies

  • The meaning of holism

  • Creating the right environment and preparation of self before treatment

  • Importance of therapeutic touch in a modern society

  • Limitations of treatment and referral procedures

  • Working with other healthcare professionals and writing to a GP

  • The therapeutic relationship and professional boundaries

  • Key characteristics of being a complementary therapist

  • Taking the Case – client consultation and observations

  • The Law of Consent

  • How to work to time

  • Protection of stock and personal/client belongings

  • How to evaluate your treatments and plan continuing professional development

  • Understanding stress and how it affects your clients

  • Research methodology and the importance of understanding where to find good research information


     Price £50.00






                                                                                                                           Consumer rights give 14 days for refunds

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