Reflexology Bridging Course 


This course has been specifically designed to help reflexologists bring their reflexology qualification up to the current industry recognised standard if they studied a short or unrecognised course or maybe trained a very long time ago and haven't practised in a while. It can be used to gain membership of CHP if your studies were not at the recognised standard or where there has been a gap in your practice too. It can help you if you want to register with the CNHC as we will ensure you are in-line with the new CNHC Core Curriculum for Reflexology.


It covers current legislation relating to professional practice of reflexology as well as support with taking the case. You will need to complete some course work to prove competency along with case studies but you will not need to take any exams. You will need to arrange with us to meet up with one of our reflexology tutors who can assess your current knowledge and help you gain confidence in your reflexology practice. 


Course cost varies depending on the individual

If you would like to enrol on this course, please contact us direct as we will want to chat with you first to ensure this is right for you. Please ensure you add your telephone number to the email and say when is a good time to call you. We will then arrange for you to make payment by online banking, or Paypal, whichever you prefer.