Reflexology Diploma

Modules in Study Order



We will begin by looking at the origin of reflexology, its history and development from ancient times to modern day as well as a variety of theories explaining how reflexology works.  You will understand the benefits of reflexology, the internal body energies and energy flow and how this flow can be altered by physical or emotional trauma and reflexology’s role in bringing about balance.  Next you will learn about the feet themselves and their underlying structures as well as a variety of common conditions affecting the feet and how you may need to adapt your treatment. You will receive a massage routine which is to be used before your reflexology treatment which will effectively open up the reflexes without obscuring any crystals or reactions which will later inform your reflexology treatment. Finally, you will learn the transverse lines on the feet and how to map all organs, glands and structures onto the feet for reflexology treatment along with the appropriate foot hold to best facilitate treatment of individual reflexes.



This module will guide you through reflexology’s unique movements/pressure techniques and you will understand the most appropriate technique to use with individual reflexes. You will learn how to set up a work station with both yours and your client comfort in mind and how to work in a hygienic way to avoid cross infection.  You will understand the appropriate use of a variety of mediums as well and what and when to use to best effect.  You will learn when it is safe to treat and be aware of occasions when reflexology would not be suitable and the reasons why, as well as treatment adaptation to avoid causing your client discomfort either during or between treatments. Finally, you will know what would be considered a normal reaction for clients as a result of reflexology treatment.



This final module will give you further information on treatment adaptation for a variety of clients, along with a hand reflexology routine which will enable you to not only give hand reflexology treatments but also to show your client reflex points on their hand as home care advice in order that they can self treat between visits to maintain the beneficial effect of your treatment.  This module will demonstrate the most effective way to review your case studies and record information in order for you to learn from your practice. You will develop your critical skills in order to assess the effectiveness of your case study project, which will ensure that you are able to become a confident ‘thinking therapist’ who is able to deliver an effective and tailored reflexology treatment to individuals.