Stress Management certificate


This postgraduate course for existing therapists aims to give you the ability to help your clients to manage their stress and lead a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. It will add another dimension to your practice whether you are a body work practitioner or a mind therapist. You will be able to advertise this as an additional service stating that your offer a stress management service.


There are a total of two modules on this course and you need to complete the coursework set for module 1 before moving on to module 2. After successful completion you will be awarded a stress management certificate and members of Complementary Health Professionals will be able to add this to their insurance where using our block insurance scheme. You also receive 15 CPD points.


Course Content



Understanding the meaning of stress (physical, emotional, psychological and behavioural), understanding the cause of stress through a review of the biological processes, understanding the physical disorders caused by stress (physical and psychological symptoms arising from stress), how to get into rapport with clients (basic counselling skills), recognising behavioural patterns, how to create a stress diary and determine whether or not you are stressed, herbal teas for stress, the importance of exercise and nutrition to help combat stress.



The importance of relaxation (includes reviewing practices in yoga, tai chi, meditation), holistic tools for stress management - how complementary therapies help (Aromatherapy, Massage, Reflexology, Crystal Healing Therapy, Bach Flower Remedies etc.) positive reframing using NLP techniques, the importance of sleep, the importance of laughter, Transactional Analysis, Autogenic Relaxation, Positive Affirmations and visualisation.


Both modules include exercises you need to complete.


Cost £150.00 (you will pay for the whole course up front)


Click here to enrol and order your first module. This will take you through to Natural Therapeutics, our accredited school that offers the course, accredited by us.