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Annual Conference & Awards 2021

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Annual Award Winners 2021


CHP Therapist of the Year 2021

This award was presented to one of our members who has set up a Reiki service within a mental health NHS service as well as practicing Reiki and Reflexology from her own clinic in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. She developed all the protocols and set up the service in the NHS working alongside staff, where she started by offering a pilot scheme to staff that has now been rolled out to clients and is very successful. Jennifer did all of this work due to her drive and passion to help others despite the pandemic and this award is highly deserved.


We awarded two Fellowships in 2021 to Meghan Mari and Rachel Fairweather at Jing Advanced Massage Training in Brighton, which is also one of our accredited course providers. The award, which constitutes a lifetime membership, was given in recognition of their services to our industry and also for the immense support they gave to massage therapists all over the UK during the pandemic. Jing offer the only level 6 qualification in massage in the UK.

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