National Complementary Therapy Week 2022

20th - 27th March 2022
Reiki Treatment
Natural Medicine
Elder woman and her caretaker
Nutritional Cooking
Naturopathic Medicine Shelf
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Bottles of Homeopathy Globules
Sports Injury

We are delighted to sponsor National Complementary Therapy Week again in 2022. We feel it is important to celebrate and promote all forms of natural health and the therapies carried out by complementary health professionals everywhere, especially as we have been restricted from working during the pandemic. There are some national days already for aromatherapy, massage and reflexology and these are great but we want to celebrate all the therapies. There are so many that make up our profession from nutrition and naturopathy through to reiki and crystal healing. We accredit some amazing courses in less well known therapies such as the EMMETT Technique, Neuroskeletal Re-alignment Therapy and Spiral Stabilization but there are so many others that deserve to be heard about!

There are many ways you can get involved and use this opportunity to promote your practice and our profession, whether you are one of our members or not. We are committed to supporting the whole profession. Here are some ideas:

1. Download our posters/support materials to put in your therapy centre to show your support and do something special that week. For example, you could advertise that £1 from every treatment given in that week will be given to our charity. This helps you to promote your practice and encourage clients to book during the week.


2. Promote your self on social media by using our posters (see below). Let your followers know what you are doing to support National Complementary Therapy Week. Use the hashtag #complementarytherapyweek2022 and please tag us @chp_ltd on instagram and on Facebook

3. Get together with other therapists in your area. Rent a room and give free or reduced priced treatments in order to promote your practices. Get it advertised on social media and contact your local radio. As we are collecting money for charity, they should give you a free shout out. Contact your local paper and ask them to come along or better still, write an article advertising the event. You can ask participants to either donate to our charity or your can give a £1 of the reduced fee for each treatment. People always love a worthwhile cause too. You could invite local healthcare professionals such as GPs, nurse practitioners, midwives, physiotherapists etc. to attend.

3. Maybe you work in a corporate setting. Ask the company to put up posters where you will be giving an extra day of your time for new people to try your therapies. They can also donate to the therapy charity.

4. You may be able to set up a trial of your therapies in other settings where you can offer taster sessions and raise money for our charity. You could consider local hospitals or a retirement home - or even an office. Promote the particular benefits of your therapy. We have some materials you can use if you are a CHP member in the member's area of our website.

5. Ever wanted to work in a particular environment but have not been able to think of a way to approach anyone? Use the national week to contact clubs, hospices, retirement homes, midwives, health visitors and offer to come and give taster treatments as part of the celebration.

6. Share your success story. You may not be a therapist yourself but would like to help support our profession. If you have had a fantastic result using any form of complementary therapy, share your story on social media and use the hashtag #complementarytherapyweek2022 and tag us in.

7. Ask your clients to give you some specific feedback about their treatments from you that you can share on social media and use the hashtag #complementarytherapyweek2022 and tag us in.

8. Maybe you work for a charity yourself that utilises complementary therapies and would like to hold your own fundraising event. There are many ways you could do this and here are some ideas:

  • Maybe host a party where everyone brings some food to share and hold a raffle with the prizes being donated by local therapists for a free treatment. The  money raised from the raffle tickets can then be given to your chosen charity and you can advertise all of this on social media (use the hashtag #complementarytherapyweek2022 and tag us in

  • Maybe host a bingo or quiz night at a local venue and have taster treatment sessions available before, after or in the break. Charge an entry fee for the event for your chosen charity

  • Do something unusual. You could host a massage marathon or even do a sponsored run!

9. If you are a therapist who also makes products to sell, you can have a stall in a market and support the event by placing a collection box on your table as well as promoting your products.

10. Host a healthy eating cooking class. Promote your nutrition or naturopathy practice and teach some great easy recipes. The money from the class can go towards the charity, where possible, although you might have to rent appropriate space such as a college room that has the resources you need. If you have a large kitchen, you could host this in your home and everyone gets to enjoy the food after!

11. Organise a talk. CHP members will find further resources on giving a talk if you have not done this before in the member's area of our website.

12. Use gift vouchers. You can offer special gift vouchers for your services to celebrate National Complementary Therapy week and state that £1 from each treatment will be donated to our chosen charity. CHP members will find a free gift certificate template in the members' area of our website that can be personalised.

Whatever you do, please let us know so that we can celebrate you and your successes and work towards raising the profile of the CAM profession.

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