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Welcome to our Membership page

We have various membership packages to suit your individual needs and to check eligibility, visit our Membership Criteria page. Watch the video below to find out more about membership benefits and reasons to join our Therapy Family.


Reward Membership Scheme


Receive £10 discount off your renewal fee for each new member you refer to CHP who takes up membership up to a maximum of £50 per annum.

Please note that membership fees are non-refundable except if we cannot accept your qualification, where we will make a full refund. To see our membership criteria please click here

We can now offer our members advanced DBS checks too

Premier Practitioner Membership

Offers the maximin support package: discounted insurance scheme; free ticket to our Annual Conference; use of CHP logo; free lapel badge; discounts of therapy products; discounts on CPD courses; exclusive Income Protection Scheme with PGMutual; free processing for CNHC registration; use of MCHP after your name; directory for public referral; London Special Treatment Licence exemption; full support in the event of a complaint; access to documents and guides in the member's area of our website; regular e-newsletter embedded into a free digital copy of Holistic Therapist Magazine; Access to Enhanced DBS checks; unlimited expert advice on the phone from experienced therapists and tutors and via email and free review of your marketing materials and website.

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Student Membership

We love supporting students during their studies. Student membership gives you access to discounted student insurance (recommended for when you are doing your case studies), access to the Annual Conference,  access to all the guides and information in the member's area of the CHP website, which can help with your studies as it contains industry updates; a copy of our e-newsletter embedded into a free digital copy of Holistic Therapist Magazine and support from our experts in the office if you need it

If you are thinking of training in complementary therapies and not sure which is the best course to attend, please do contact us for unbiased help in checking your course.

Classmates in Library


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Basic Practitioner Membership

Offers full practitioner membership with the following benefits: discounted insurance scheme; discounted Income Protection Scheme with PGMutual; discounts on therapy products and courses from various companies; free use of the CHP logo; use MCHP after your name; free membership lapel badge; free processing for CNHC registration, access to Enhanced DBS checks;  regular e-newsletter embedded in a free digital copy of Holistic Therapist Magazine; access to the support documents and guides in the member's area of the CHP website; Special Treatment Licence exemption in London boroughs and support from the office from our resident experts

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International Membership

We welcome our colleagues from overseas! This membership category is for anyone working outside the UK who would like to become part of our Therapy Family and have access to information coming from the UK. International members do have to source their own insurance in the country they are working in as laws differ around the world.

As an international member, you will have access to our online member's area and all the information and guides, as well as discounts. You will also receive a copy of our newsletter embedded into a free digital copy of Holistic Therapist Magazine.  Please note, that we will need to check your qualifications as we do for all members and we can offer support if you are coming to work in the UK .

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