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A soothing way to alleviate stress

Hormonal changes can bring on fatigue and tiredness in many forms. Menopause, in particular, is relatively trouble-free for some women but can be a difficult time for others. Symptoms include being teary, irritability, excitability, hot flushes and itchy skin. The manner in which menopausal changes occur is subject to tremendous variation.

The relaxing formula of the Unwind Massage Oil Candle and its therapeutic properties would be of great benefit in such times, however it affects you. It helps combat stress and overpowering emotions that appear for no apparent reason. Calming and relaxing French Lavender essential oil is known to help with stress, putting your mind at rest when you're feeling under pressure. The seductive vapours of Petitgrain and calming roundness of Mandarin essential oils will make you feel relaxed and comforted.

For best results:
Use the massage oil candle as often as you can and massage the oil into your temples, neck, sinus area and solar plexus in a clockwise direction. Relax on the floor or on a bed in a quiet, dark place with your feet elevated. Lie quietly and just focus on your breathing.

Also, concentrate the massage on your spine and lower part of your back and nape of the neck. Massage the top of your hands and inside your wrists and elbows too.

Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Soya Butter & Mango Butter; Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Avocado & Wheatgerm Oils; French Lavender, Mandarin, Orange & Petitgrain Essential Oils
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