NICE to remove CAM from Palliative Care Guidelines

The latest revision of NICE Guidelines for Improving Supportive and Palliative Care in Adults is being considered and the scoping process has recommended that Complementary Therapy Services (CT) are removed from the guidelines. The rationale and implications for removing CT do not appear to have been given - it just states on line 109 of the document that Complementary therapy services will be removed. Complementary Therapies are given by many of our members to cancer patients, who are multidisciplinary practitioners that include reflexology, aromatherapy massage, Reiki and others. There is already good research that proves the efficacy of these therapies in helping to reduce the stress an

It's not nice!

OK, I know Blogs are supposed to be uplifting, informative nuggets of information and insight but I just cannot stay quiet any longer! Too many therapists and training providers are damaging their business image and the industry by of all things making a classic spelling mistake. So please indulge me whilst I take a little step up onto my soapbox for a few lines..... The word 'complimentary' has two meanings: someone expressing nice things abut another or something that is free. So if used wrongly Complimentary Therapy means you either intend to spend the whole treatment doing nothing other than telling your client what a wonderful, beautiful human being they are, or they aren't expected to

E-learning with HMRC

The HMRC has developed a free e-learning course aimed specifically for health and well-being professionals that contains up to date information on tax, National Insurance, business records and expenses for those of us who are self-employed. It is ideal if you are newly self-employed but is also useful as a refresher and to give you useful tips and case studies so that you can provide adequate records for your accountas and Tax Return. As it is an online course, you can complete it at your own pace and dip in and out at your leisure. You can undertake this generic e-course to cover 2 hours generic CPD points as it relates to all your therapies. Remember that we have a special tax discount sch

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