Complementary Health Annual Conference 29th October 2016

Fantastic venue and line up We are pleased to announce that our annual conference agenda has now been finalised and we are able to take bookings. The venue is St Ethelburgas, which is a 5 minute walk from either Bank or Liverpool St stations. See the map for the exact location and the full address is 78 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AG. To see the full agenda with information about each speaker, please click here, and it includes internationally renowned Denise Tiran and Emma Lane. Booking Information and details Our Premier members have free entry to the conference as one of the benefits of their membership but you still need to book your tickets for the event so that we can print off your CPD

Continuing Professional Development - for better or for worse?

Do you study because you have to or want to? Are you passionate and inquisitive about your therapy and learning about the human body, or is it just how you earn your living? What motivates you to do a CPD course? Your professional association requires it. Your CNHC registration requires it. Your employer requires it. What effect does it have on your treatments and more importantly clients? In this week’s blog Julia Oyeleye, CHP Training Director talks about her views on Continuing Professional Development – for better or for worse? A step too far.. I like to receive a massage on average a few times a year – I never seem to get time to have a regular monthly treatment and being a reflexologi

What is so special about Rose otto essential oil?

Following on from our popular Instagram post last week of a rose we captured and information on how to use Rose otto essential oil for hayfever, we have been asked for more information on rose oil, so we are very happy to oblige. The Rose is the UK's favourite flower according to the BBC's cover of the Chelsea Flower Show and as stated in both the Daily Mail and the Telegraph newspapers in the past few years. In the English language, we have made many positive associations with the rose: coming up roses, seeing things through rose tinted glasses, everything is rosy and of course we give red roses to symbolise love, especially on Valentine's Day. Did you know that Roses have also been attribu

How to eliminate Migraines - introducing the Migraine Rapid® Technique

As a new member of Complementary Health Professionals I wanted to share my development of the Migraine Rapid Technique that I have developed over the past 20 years in Finland. The idea to become a massage therapist first came into my mind when I was in eighth grade. At the time the only things I was interested in were sports, English language, history and nutrition. The idea of applying to the Sports Institute in Finland became developed before my military service in 1992 when I was attending an intensive sports instructor course at Kuortane Sports Academy, the second home of most Finnish track and field athletes and Greco-roman wrestlers. I enjoyed my military service but during it I appli

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