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This magazine has always been amazing and I have written many articles for it in the past. Recently I was asked to write something on education in Complementary Therapies and it has been published in issue 229. There are so many courses on offer that it is hard to know which one will give you the right qualification and enable you to practice. At Complementary Health Professionals we pride ourselves on offering the very best in education to our students whether they are undertaking one of our online or blended learning courses or attending a CPD workshop and we guarantee to deliver top quality services with up-to-date information from tutors who are all experts in the respective fields. To r

Looking to build a clinic based practice?

This week’s blog has been written by guest bloggers Jo and Callum Grant who own Clemency in Sevenoaks Kent, a thriving natural health clinic which has been in the same location for the last 22 years. During this time Jo and Callum have supported many therapists to develop their own practice; here are their top tips for success! There are 3 essentials that are fundamental to building your practice within a clinic. BE THERE. When renting a room from 9am-5pm, don't come in at 10am or go home at 3pm. If you are not 'at work', the potential client who turns up whilst you have 'found something else to do', will automatically become the new client of the therapist that is 'at work'. If you are not

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