Unravelling GI Problems – Stress

I believe in working to achieve real healing. A client’s level of health is a direct result of their lifestyle, so when a part of that lifestyle does not support health it must be addressed and changed to produce a different result. The treatment process is a removal of symptoms and any good practitioner is capable of that. A practitioner does the coaching but the client must do the hard work of actively making the changes needed. In fact, real healing is the self-care a person consciously does on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. Removing pain is only half the process. Finding the causes and correctly addressing them is the other half. If that work is not done, return visits

On the scent of medical aromatherapy – when and how can aromas influence the body?

There is a well-known saying that nature is the best medicine. One just needs to look at the whole host of plant-derived medicines to see that this adage holds true. But when it comes to the power of scents from essential oils, the idea has mostly been treated negligibly. Although there is growing interest in the field, the lack of quality studies surrounding its application both in laboratory and clinical settings have hampered the legitimisation in therapeutic practice. A recent study, published in the prestigious journal << Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental >>, seeks to change this perception and ensure that the wisdom above can be applied to scents, too (Schneider et al

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