Using CBD oil in Massage Therapy

Recently, the world of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is buzzing with talk of Cannabidiol (CBD). Therefore, the question we must ask ourselves is this - is this simply another health fad and a 5 minute wonder, or is there really something to it? In all honesty, in my opinion, it’s a bit of both.

Now, before we look at whether CBD use is as amazing as some people claim, or whether in fact the majority of these claims are unsubstantiated rubbish, we should look at how it is being used. Currently, the most common way of using CBD is internally. This is done by putting a couple of drops of CBD oil under the tongue and allowing it to be absorbed sublingually. This method is quite effective at getting the chemical constituents into the bloodstream quickly and thereby allowing the herbal medicine to take effect.

There are a variety of strengths of CBD oil and each is suited to the treatment of different issues. For example, one company I use has 5 different strength oils:

In every company, these will vary in price DRAMATICALLY reflecting the concentration of the individual product. You really need to be aware of what you need so you don’t end up wasting money unnecessarily.

Another way of using CBD is topically. It has been under debate as to whether or not there is any point at all in using this method. The questions posed include: Does the CBD actually get into the body through the skin? Will it have any effect? I would like to give you an anecdotal example of how effective topical application was in a product test. With the cooperation of a very sceptical gentleman of my aquaintance, I suggested he try using a balm to determine if it might help with the pain from his advanced arthritis which had rendered his hands continually painful and often immobile. Having tried unsuccessfully, a great number of prescribed medications, he was only too happy to try something new, though didn’t believe anything natural could help him as it did not come with the assurance of a doctor or prescription (I’m sure you all know someone like this)! Working on the basis that it is better to start small and work through differing strength products to determine how little or much is effective in each individual case, I provided him with a low concentration blended balm containing both CBD and some complementary essential oils of my own choosing. Expecting very little difference in the next few days, we were astonished to find the next morning i.e. just 10 hours later, that his joint pain had diminished to a low level not felt for several years and even more surprisingly, the swelling was visibly reduced and his flexibility and dexterity greatly increased. Dispite his reservations, I had undeniably opened his mind to the possibility of natural products improving his quality of life. He continues still to use the same blended balm and has never required the concentration of CBD oil to be increased.

It feels pretty awesome when someone is helped and therefore converted by natural healthcare that we, as CAM therapists provide!

Now, to begin to answer the question of CBD’s validity in treatments, let’s look at the fad aspect first. Like so many other things, CBD has caught on quickly and become the newest cure-all. Over the last couple of years, I’m sure you will have seen or heard the phrase “there’s an oil for that”, usually said by someone with no qualifications in the use of essential oils declaring they can fix everything and anything. Well, just like that, CBD has been touted as this amazing fix for everything from cancer to PMS. It is great, but it alone can’t fix everything that could possibly ail you!