There's more to homeopathy than Arnica!

I'm sure the majority of our members have used or recommended homeopathic remedies at some point in their lives - Arnica being the obvious choice that comes to mind for bumps and bruises. But how much do you know about this amazing therapy and how a homeopath decides which remedies to prescribe? In this week's blog one of our members, Suki Swauger, introduces us to remedies she has used to support clients going through trauma or grief. Using Homeopathy for Grief and Trauma Homeopathy is increasingly used in many households to deal with an array of conditions. Whilst traditional treatments have always played an important role, more people are now beginning to wake up to and understand the

Should anyone take essential oils internally?

At the Complementary Health Professionals office we are receiving numerous calls and emails about internal use following the advocacy of such practices from certain multi-level marketing sales companies. To help all our members, we have produced a policy statement on the subject advising anyone who may be considering becoming such a sales advisor and we know that other professional associations have made similar announcements. But what are the consequences of taking oils internally and why is this such a big issue here in the UK? Another question we are being asked more and more frequently is "what is a therapeutic grade essential oil and how does this compare to 100% pure essential oils?” T

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