All about Bergamot Mint essential oil

Mentha piperita L. var. citrata (EhrH.) or Mentha citrata as it is commonly written is an interesting essential oil that I have started using recently. It is of course a subspecies of mint and contains high amounts of linalyl acetate and linalool accounting for the majority of the total constituents (Murray et al 1970). Handa et al. (1964) have reported that Mentha citrata oil has 0.6% alpha-pinene, 0.9% beta-pinene, 1.1 % limonene, 0.2% cineole, 4.2% piperitone, 3.0% piperitone oxide, 8.1 % pulegone, 0.1 % menthofuran, 32.4% linalool, 45.0% linalyl acetate, and 3.8% unaccounted. Small amounts (0.1-2.0%) of limonene and of cineole are found in all Mentha citrata parental and hybrid strains a

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