Free Guide to Holistic Living

Not many things are really free these days; however, we have created a Guide to Holistic Living available to all, whether you are an experienced complementary therapist or someone who is interested in wellness for themselves and their family. Perhaps you are thinking about becoming a complementary therapist? If so this guide will give you a flavour of our how our online and blended complementary and holistic therapy courses look. Visit our course list page and click on the free guide to link to the form. We will email you the guide with our very best wishes. We look forward to hearing from you.

How to detect "knots" for Reflexologists

Spinal Reflexology I was lucky enough to train many years ago now with Renée Tanner who developed a wonderful guide linking individual spine reflexes with a wide range of pathologies. She did this by combining two sets of knowledge: a careful study of the nervous system, in particular the various organs and body structures innervated by the spinal cord, together with observation of many years’ practice with her clients and students. When I learned the resulting techniques from Renée I can honestly say it revolutionised my approach to reflexology. I have always been the type of reflexologist who wants to understand the anatomy, physiology and pathology related to the treatment reactions, ne

News - new CHP Accredited School

We are pleased to announce that we have accredited a new school in Cambridge called Routes to Healing. Our Therapy Family continues to grow! Please welcome Sarah Yow and Caroline Prudames who are offering a range of courses in Cambridge. One of their unique courses is called Inner Energy Healing and you can find out about that and everything else they are offering on their website Sarah will be a guest speaker at our Annual Conference which has been scheduled for the 29th October 2016 in London. We will post more about that shortly when all the speakers have been confirmed and give our members details in our Newsletter as part of Holistic Therapists Magazine. Remember

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