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Looking to build a clinic based practice?

This week’s blog has been written by guest bloggers Jo and Callum Grant who own Clemency in Sevenoaks Kent, a thriving natural health clinic which has been in the same location for the last 22 years. During this time Jo and Callum have supported many therapists to develop their own practice; here are their top tips for success!

There are 3 essentials that are fundamental to building your practice within a clinic.

  1. BE THERE. When renting a room from 9am-5pm, don't come in at 10am or go home at 3pm. If you are not 'at work', the potential client who turns up whilst you have 'found something else to do', will automatically become the new client of the therapist that is 'at work'. If you are not there we guarantee you will not get clients.

  2. IDENTITY. Get business cards with your name and contact details on. Few people will care about your qualifications, and we'll bet the client that you've made feel very relaxed won’t remember your name without this prompt. If you don't have an identity, no-one will recommend, find or call you.

  3. GET BUSY. The Therapists that are working flat-out, are the ones in demand with waiting lists. Go the extra distance by participating in special offers and giving your clients extra time (so long as they have the time). Learn new skills and therapies to extend your repertoire and the number of clients you can attract. Over the years, Jo who practices herself from Clemency has trained in many therapies. Jo says, “I trained nearly 30 years ago as a massage therapist and am still as passionate about my therapies now as I was then. One of the best courses I have ever undertaken was training to become a Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapist. But all of the courses I have done have resulted in me getting frequent referrals from medical professionals plus a constant supply of word of mouth recommendations from my clients. Updating your skills and learning new techniques is essential to establishing a full appointment book.”

Callum says “As the Practice Manager, I make sure my clinic is there, open for business 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year (excluding holidays). Staffed, cleaned, warm and welcoming for clients and therapists. Our reception staff are confident and fully trained, they take all the bookings for our therapists and are able to advise clients on the most suitable treatment or therapist for their needs. We use digital media and special offers to advertise the clinic, therapists and natural health products in the shop. It is important to me to keep our business in the forefront of our customers minds and that we retain our unique identity and established reputation. There is always something for me to do and I am always motivated to support our therapists.”

If you are interested in renting a room at Clemency, contact Callum either by email: or by phone 01732 450049. New therapists to the practice will pay rent on a commission basis for the first year, so there is no financial commitment making it a safe and supportive environment for you to build a successful clinic based practice.

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