How to eliminate Migraines - introducing the Migraine Rapid® Technique

As a new member of Complementary Health Professionals I wanted to share my development of the Migraine Rapid Technique that I have developed over the past 20 years in Finland.

The idea to become a massage therapist first came into my mind when I was in eighth grade. At the time the only things I was interested in were sports, English language, history and nutrition. The idea of applying to the Sports Institute in Finland became developed before my military service in 1992 when I was attending an intensive sports instructor course at Kuortane Sports Academy, the second home of most Finnish track and field athletes and Greco-roman wrestlers. I enjoyed my military service but during it I applied to the Eastern Finland Sports Institute (EFS) to study massage therapy and sports massage therapy. EFS has a great reputation and traditions in massage therapy education. I was selected and a bonus was that I had a chance to do also study sports medicine.

The burning desire to help

Step by step I discovered my great love for treating people and helping them. Right from the beginning I discovered my curiosity about techniques and to discover better skills. Also I found myself being very much frustrated when I couldn't help someone with what I knew. The feeling, "I must help this person" became stronger and stronger.

Seed of manual migraine treatment

Amongst basic massage therapy and sports massage therapy studies our massage teacher introduced a wide range of special treatments and one of those special fields was manual migraine treatment. It was extremely simple and although not perfect it was a fantastic starting point for my manual migraine development work. Thanks to it, the first steps were taken. Also, during my studies my own migraines and tension headaches started to rise, which gave me even more impetus and drive to develop a treatment that would really work.