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The benefits of being a member of Complementary Health Professionals

This video has been created by the Professions Standards Authority who accredit registers to ensure the public about the safety of using its members. In complementary health our accredited register belongs to the national voluntary self-regulatory register run by the CNHC. Why not use this video if you are CNHC registered on your website to demonstrate your standards. As a verifying organisation for the CNHC, Complementary Health Professionals is able to verify our member's qualifications free of charge and that is because in order to be a member, you have to have trained to the highest standards, have insurance and keep your CPD up to date. You also abide by our Code of Ethics.

Being a member of a professional association is very important as we support you individually and help you to promote yourself and update your training through CPD opportunities, and we further the profession as a whole. The regulatory register is different as its remit is to protect the public. This happens in all health professions; in nursing there is the RCN which looks after the needs of the nurses and provides support and CPD needs, whilst the NMC is the regulator who registers nurses to assure the public on their abilities. We would support you if there was a complaint against you in the same way as the RCN support nurses in the event of a complaint with the NMC. The difference is that the NMC register is statutory, so nurses have to join in order to work. The CNHC is a voluntary register, which means you can choose whether or not to join; however, you should always be a member of a professional association.


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