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New NSRT certificated course for Medical Professionals

As promised, we now have a shortened version of our NSRT course specifically aimed at osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists. The theory is available online and should be read through before the weekend workshop is undertaken. There is a requirement to submit 10 case studies on at least 4 different people before the certificate will be awarded. Click here to find out more and enrol.

This is excellent CPD for medical professionals who have a degree in their respective fields and already work to support clients with back pain, injury trauma and arthritis management. Neuroskeletal Re-Alignment Therapy (NSRT) is a non-manipulative therapy that naturally allows the body to move back into optimum alignment whilst the client remains clothed. The treatment is given on a treatment couch and most clients drift peacefully off to sleep during a treatment.

NSRT has been in the UK since 1997 and we have thousands of successful case studies. You can read some of these on the NSRT website at It was orginally designed by a chiropractor in Australia who wanted to develop a non-manipulative way of treating clients. Since then, we have developed it into the incredible therapy available today.

If you would like to receive a treatment - contact us at and we will let you know where your nearest practitioner is.

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