Massage Therapists - Do you have a love hate relationship with your thumbs?!

My journey began with classical dance and gymnastics back in my home country, Canada. When your body is the tool that you work with, you learn to take notice of it and it was this interest in the human body that led me to retrain as a nurse and a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist. Currently, I am the director of NLSSM, The North London School of Sports Massage and run an online Massage Coaching Program as well as specialist courses in Oncology Massage, all accredited by Complementary Health Professionals.

In this article, I am going to give you Top Tips on how to work deeply using your thumbs, achieving greater gains with ease. Many therapists want to use them for deeper strokes and precision work but find that it always results in pain and discomfort. This is a problem because therapists are naturally care givers; it is in our nature to look after others. We make this our priority and sometimes we deny ourselves the same care we give our clients. After all, we advise them not to work through pain yet we do not take our own advice. How many times do we hear stories about how hard our job is on the body? Our work is tough, yet we compound the problem day in and day out hoping it will simply go away. Maybe you’ve tried a variety of solutions without finding a permanent one and stoically you continue to work through the pain, I might just have a solution for you….

Arthritic type pain in the saddle joint is at the top of the list of work related injuries that a soft tissue therapist suffers. The solution is simple, but the change can be a challenge to implement because bad habits are usually difficult to change.

There are solutions, such as the no hands approach, correcting your body mechanics, trying different tools, all of which might result in some relief but doesn’t enable us to make use of them again. But what if you could reintroduce them without any resulting pain?

My early life as a dancer was well spent as it helped me to understand how to use my body as an effective tool and it set the foundation for my future career as a massage teacher and therapist. I came to understand how to create strength out of ease, power out of lightness and stability from al